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Topic: Sound card with just digital out

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    Sound card with just digital out

    Hi there... I\'m considering buying one or two separate PCs dedicated to GS. I am looking into using a moderate PC as a midi driver to run sequencing/fx/fixing and then running the signal out of the slave pc in digital form.
    I therefore don\'t need a soundcard which has analog/digital converters on it on the slaves, just several channels of digital out.
    Does anyone have any good recommendations.
    Also - this means I am going to have to have a soundcard on the master pc that can handle a lot of digital in... any recommendations on that also?

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    Re: Sound card with just digital out

    Hi paynterr,
    I think that you should have one soundcard with Digital I/O *IN and OUT* for each PCs, whether Master\'s or Slave\'s.
    This way also, you might gain more Giga Voice-polyphony!
    Check Creamware products, the Luna II is about below $400.00 (USD). It is available in soundchaser.com
    See the specification on this path: http://www.creamware.de/en/products/Luna2/default.asp

    The most advantage is the future expansion as needed and many of other features like hardware Digital-Signal-Processing mixing,synths, MIDI-I/O, Digital-I/O, etc (if you can afford!!!). It just works fine for the Giga in digital-audio domain applications.

    Hope this helps,
    GigaStudio and Pulsar/Scope User

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    Re: Sound card with just digital out

    The Luna 2 card would be a fine choice. It sounds like you would also need the optional ADAT I/O adaptor. I tried to buy this combo, but even specialist shops had no idea what it was - even the Creamware site has few details.

    If this card is too hard to get, you can try the RME range. I use the Hammerfall range with great results. Unless you use the top of the range DSP models, you will also need a seperate MIDI interface. The Midimam MIDIsport 2x2 is cheap and has worked well for me, but the Egosys Miditerminal 4140 would be better value in a larger setup - it has better Sync and PC interface options.

    What will the digital outs from GSt be sending to? If its not something like an ADAT recorder, you will need a sound card with DA converters and perhaps an on-board mixer to monitor on. The RME DSP card does all this at a high price and the Luna appears to as well.

    Make sure to research the cards very thoroughly first, then get get a demo or exchange policy from your vendor - its real easy to get tripped up by the fine print in the spec sheets...

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    Re: Sound card with just digital out

    Just to re-iterate what I\'m doing.

    I have one \'master\' PC which I am going to use to run cubase and mix audio from the slave PC.

    and another \'slave\' PC just for gigastudio.

    I am planning on driving the \'slave\' pc from the master and routing the resulting audio back from the slave to the master via two cards on each PC, sending out in some digital form (which is best I don\'t know).

    I therefore don\'t need a \'great\' card on my slave. e.g. one that can do lots of whizzy dsp stuff since I am not interested in processing the signal inside that slave pc, rather routing it back using prefereably multiple digital outputs to the master for mixing.

    The master PC on the other hand will be used for lots of DSP stuff, so should be a good card which also outputs master to digital sinec I have digital speakers. This oculd be something \'good\' like the pulsar ii I guess.

    Any advice welcomed.

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    Re: Sound card with just digital out

    Sound cards for the Windoze platform are very susceptible to chipset compatibility issues. These issues have been more common with Via chipsets, but are not limited to them. There have been problems with Intel chipsets as well.

    I currently run two systems. My GS system has an Athlon 750 with Tyan mo/bd with Via KX133 chipset. That system has an Ego Systems Wave Terminal 2496 that works fine. The other system runs Logic on an Athlon 1 GHz/Asus A7V combination with RME DIGI 96/8 PST. It also sounds fine, but the Waveterminal just wouldn\'t work right on the Asus board. I\'ve also found the digital output of the Waveterminal suspect, but I need to investigate that more.

    I found the Logic Users Group (at what used to be eGroups, now on Yahoo) very knowledgable and helpful in picking combinations that work. I know there are similar users groups for other software and recommend you explore them. I\'m surprised there hasn\'t been more discussion of this here.


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    Re: Sound card with just digital out

    Check out the M-Audio DiO 2496 and/or DiO 2448. These cards are all about digital I/O.


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