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Topic: Giga piano and post processing

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    Giga piano and post processing

    I intend to add the Sonic Timeworks reverb to my gigapiano one way or another. Having just purchased the Gigasampler can someone tell me if I will need to process each of the 200+ wave files that make up the piano or is there a \"better\" way? Wavelab is my editor of choice and supports batch processing of wave files but 200+ files is quite an undertaking.

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    Re: Giga piano and post processing

    Just processing the final piano output should be the best way - you don\'t normally play one note in a concert hall, records it, play another note, record it etc. either do you....

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    Re: Giga piano and post processing

    Perhaps I wasn\'t clear. The GP is too dry for live use. I am not interested in hardware post processing. I cannot use software post processing in a live environment due to the excessive latency and enormous system resources involved. The only \"solution\" I see is to modify the GP to sound the way I want it to sound by adding some reverb and a touch of chorus to the actual GP note that I play. A \"preprocessing\" if you will. Then rebuild the instrument. This will be very time consuming and I am hoping someone out there has a better solution.

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    Re: Giga piano and post processing

    You won\'t be able to because the gigapiano uses a compressed method of storing the samples so you cann;t export waves from the piano to process in wavelab

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