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Topic: Help me Mr. TASCAM

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    Help me Mr. TASCAM

    Please make my life a better one by releasing an outstanding hardware platform for us extensive Giga users.
    When I mean extensive I mean using the best available sound Libs in & out of the market, in highly polyphonical situations
    and with less than an million years to finish the task.
    This means:
    1) The ability to use a lot of Ram
    _DDWW close to 1gig of ram
    _GigaStings I would suspect between 2 & 3 gig
    _Ultimate Perc. + Ult Timp +Mar&Vibes something like 1,5 or 2 gig
    _DD orch. brass should be 1 gig
    _Leap Brass some 500 mb
    _Harp,Piano,drum kits, upright bass and so on.
    This comes up to nearly 10 gig of ram no kiddin\'.
    with Ram limitation on PC wich is around 1,5gig at the very best.
    2) High polyphony is what the Nemesys NCS44 was supposed to give us = 4x times the polyphony of a Gigasampler =4x64=256
    Now the same thing with Gigastudio 160=4x160=640
    If you cut it in half to get stereo=320 voices
    I would say that it\'s plenty of course but not too much I you really hate clicks & pops like I do
    a rock solid system to run gigastudio with rockin\' CPU power
    10 gig of Ram
    Tascam hardware quality & knowhow.
    128 midi channels (at least 64 in please)
    Fully compatible with comon studio equipment (at least the Tascam line of products, refering to sx1 & MX-2424 not fully compatible)

    Imop You\'ll get a winner and we\'ll get the most powerfull Ultimate sampler ever built ; and I can\'t think of anyone beeing too nostalgic over dealing with windows and mocking ¨PCs

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    Re: Help me Mr. TASCAM

    You RAM listings there are wildly exagerated unless you plan on using every single patch of each of those libraries in a composition. I have yet to run out of memory with 1GB of RAM, using GOS, Ultimate Orch/Timpani, QLB and other libraries at the same time.

    [This message has been edited by Simon Ravn (edited 08-07-2001).]

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    Re: Help me Mr. TASCAM

    I can\' t load the full DD woodwinds with my 768 meg.
    And since the articulations are just stac,port,LN vib and LN novib I feel like I
    don\'t want to miss any of these.
    Of course I can always load the light version of those.
    But what the heck my dear Simon, I would just like the ability to load more of those wonderfull Libs coming up.
    Ok 10gig may sound a bit freakish today,
    But think about tomorrow my good Simon,
    Buying such a piece of hardware might mean quite a few bucks and a typical setup. In wich case you sure don\'t wanna wake someday not beeing able to load the last library that everybody raves about.
    Anyway it should be possible to choose as an option the actual amout of ram your buying with the hardware and leave the opportunity to upgrade later.
    But the hardware must be able to make such an upgrade.
    Simon, 5gig is my last word though I\'m sure 10gig is the go to match the upcoming libs in let\'s say the next 10 years.
    My 2 pennys

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    Re: Help me Mr. TASCAM

    I believe too that this pycho system would do sexual favours too..
    I hear what your saying.. But maybe some year.

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    Re: Help me Mr. TASCAM

    Dear Brian
    Why waiting some years for a machine (the NCS44 of old Tales) now that Nemesys has Tascam to do it just right
    Basically the machine I described is just
    a big NCS44 improved in many parts but with the same concept \"ABSOLUTE POWER\" how I like this concept man, and come on; who would not.
    Now if Tascam wants it to have something to do with their SX1 cool , with their MX2424 even cooler.
    whatever is the go if it is matching what I portrayed above; there will be a whole bunch of kind chasing for a complete Tascam Studio Royale Suite.

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    Re: Help me Mr. TASCAM

    This surely would be a fine introduction to whatever further development.
    Then (excuse my very single tracked mind please imagine this bug free software running on some highclass Tascam version of the NCS44.
    I\'m not saying everybody would buy it, but those who would could be called \"lucky guys\" don\'t you think ?

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    Re: Help me Mr. TASCAM

    How about just having Tascam fixing the bugs and support the software/free upgrades before it orphans us and the sizable capital we have in our existing computers and software. Then with a stable, bug free, promised/implied features fully enabled, working correctly with other software/hardware, gigastudio; Tascam then could increase market share and effectively compete against all hardware samplers by word of mouth from real working musicians instead of marketing department BS hype. One only has to look at the \"Software\" section of this forum to see that we bought beta software that has a long way to go before someone doesn\'t have to dig into their computer to get it basically working. Bottom line Tascam, fix it, support your base of users, and DO NOT ORPHAN US!

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