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Topic: Converting digital audio sample rates

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    Converting digital audio sample rates

    Hello all. I own a Delta 1010 for recording and a SBLive for samples (Gigastudio). I have to record all my samples into the sequencer at 48Khz sample rate because of the SBLIVE!. How do I convert to 44.1 so I can burn it to a CD?

    thanks to all,


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    Re: Converting digital audio sample rates

    Resampling should be a menu item in almost any wave editor. You mentioned recording to your sequencer. If you\'re using Cakewalk Pro Audio 9, for example, you should be able to resample from the \"Tools/Mixdown Audio\" menu by exporting the file to a new wave file. - Doug

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    Re: Converting digital audio sample rates

    Resampling from 48khz to 44.1khz leads to ugly results in my opinion, unless you have some very cool algorithms for doing so. I know that if I do it in Wavelab I might as well trash the final wave. So I\'ve decided to work in 24-bit 44.1khz for the best results....

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    Re: Converting digital audio sample rates

    thanks for the help. But I can\'t record the digital audio in 44.1. Is there a way to make the SBLive send audio in 44.1? Or do I need another sound card?

    thanks again,


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    Re: Converting digital audio sample rates

    A better card is a good idea, for the features if not specifically for sound quality (you will certainly hear the difference, however). I\'ve had good luck with the Echo Mia cards. It\'s got what you need if you\'re only doing 2-channel work. Under $200.

    I\'ve had adequate luck resampling 48 to 44.1 in Sound Forge by choosing the best quality resample option. It\'s really s-l-o-w though. The resampled sound seems slightly less \"open\" sounding than the original but I found it otherwise OK.

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