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A while ago someone mentioned the above translator being available soon with Gigsampler support. I subscribed to their user group and thought this might be of use to anyone who is looking for formats other than just Akai. I haven\'t got a copy yet so I would welcome comments from anyone (including Nemesys)on their thoughts/experiences on this product...
New Formats Coming
We are presently working on Emu EOS support, and we hope this will be
available as a patch around the end of this week, November 20th or so.
Improvement for ESi and E3 support is also spawning from these projects.
Full Roland support comes next. Gigasampler support had been delayed, but
now it is cleared and is ready to go. And as new formats get worked on, it
takes a little longer each time, since we have to adapt those formats to
all the ones that are available. And the Kursweil and S5000 are waiting in
the wings.

Total Release Date Set
We expect having all the major formats supported in some way by the end of
the millennium. (Seems like a long time, huh?) These formats are Ensoniq,
Kurzweil, Roland, Emu, Akai, Trinity/Triton, Pulsar, SampleCell, Unity,
Reality, Gigasampler, Reaktor, .WAV-AIFF, along with all their DOS
counterparts. Legacy samplers, which include Roland S-50 series, Emax
series, Yamaha TX16W, Akai S900/950, Ensoniq Mirage, are not included in
that list, although we are still looking at these formats as possibilities.

OK, Now What About the Yamaha A3000, EX5, A5000
These samplers are right in the middle for us. They aren\'t as demanded, but
they aren\'t toys either. With the upcoming release of the A5000, perhaps
this could break it through to where we translate. Eventually we\'d like to
translate everything, but priorities, priorities.

A Word About SMDI
Our opinion is that SMDI is over-rated. Usually SMDI just works with
samples going back and forth, not whole key setups, etc. Translator is
meant to take whole setups and translate them - the hard way.

Added Features
Along the way, we get great suggestions and ideas from our customer base.
Here are a couple:

Image Files: You can create Image Files of any format, which the Interface
identifies as ordinary SCSI Drives. You can read and write into them just
as if they were a drive. This means you don\'t have to have an intermediate
hard drive to work on - in fact, one user simply does his translations,
burns the Image onto the CD-ROM, and inserts it into his Akai CD3000XL for

Preferred Translations: With a program like Translator, you have so many
options to choose from, many which may not apply to you. For example, if
you don\'t have Gigasampler, you won\'t care about translations that format.
So you can setup your Preferred Translation to, say, ASR-X - and every
translation operation will convert to that format without you having to
make another selection or click on a dialog box.

Pre-Listen: With Release 1 Patch 1, you can pre-listen samples on their
native format (for example, off a Emu ESi CD-ROM) so you don\'t have to
transfer them over to .WAV or something other than that.

Translator is shipping! If you\'d like to order, please fill out the form at <A HREF=\"http://www.chickensys.com/translator,]www.chickensys.com/translator,[/URL\" TARGET=_blank> or call us or fax us. Introductory price is
$149.95, plus $7 US shipping or $12 International shipping. If you have any
other questions concerning Translator, please e-mail or call us - we\'ll be
happy to spend the time with you answering your questions.

Lastly, How To Unsubscribe
If you don\'t want to receive this weekly update any longer, please reply
with the words REMOVE is capital letters. We respect your right to Internet

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