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Topic: Dell 8100 & giga....

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    Dell 8100 & giga....

    Dell Australia (!) is announcing its Inspiron 8100 notebook, which uses the mobile 815 chipset (true Speed Step). http://www.ap.dell.com/ap/au/en/dhs/products/spec_inspn_8100_notebooks.htm

    The speed tests done by some magazines already showed that the 8100 finally delivers the same performance as we get from our desktop machines!

    The famous Fan interrupt problem of the 8000 00 is also cured (new bios);

    Now... if only we could wring two 7200 drives in there.

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    Re: Dell 8100 & giga....

    After that grief the Inspiron 8000 gave me with that stupid fan interrupt (and the money I lost getting rid of it) I\'m never going to buy Dell again!

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    Re: Dell 8100 & giga....

    Hi Elle,

    I was looking at Dell\'s download site at the new A13 BIOS which is the latest version available for the Inspiron 8100. I could not find any reference to fixing the \"fan interrupt\" problem in the release notes.

    I\'ve spoken to two tech support reps and no one is even aware that there was a fan related problem in the first place--no less that it has been fixed in the latest BIOS.

    I\'m excited that this problem has finally been addressed but I\'d really appreciate if you could share the source of the information regarding the fan interrupt fix.

    Thanks for your reply.

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    Re: Dell 8100 & giga....

    Stefan Karlsson at Dell Technical support in Sweden confirmed that the official release day for the fan bug fixed BIOS for the i8000 is September 3.

    The newer i8100 is available for distribution within the Dell organization a week earlier, so this almost matches the fan bug fix release date.

    Keep an eye on this topic on the rme-audio.com newsgroup.


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    Re: Dell 8100 & giga....

    I read the posts. Thanks for the link.

    It sounds plausible, although I\'m not sure if the z65 Beta BIOS version named in Anders Hannus\' post on Wed, 25 Jul 2001 is the same as BIOS version A13 dated 8.1.2001 that I downloaded and loaded this morning (http://support.dell.com/us/en/fileli...rchtype=filter)

    --or, as you suggest, a future version that will become available on September 3rd. I hope you\'re correct!

    I have not begun using the 8000 for GSt---I\'m waiting for the release of the PC card interface option for my Layla24.

    I was wondering, would you mind sharing any other experiences you might have had with this machine running GSt that I should know about or tweak to optimize its performance?

    Thanks in advance for you input.

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    Re: Dell 8100 & giga....

    I was looking into the Inspiran and saw that there is a IEEE port.

    Is IEEE fast enough for hooking a HD exclusively for audio?

    Is IEEE fast enough for a Gigasampler drive?

    If so, then buying to extra IEEE drives would a possible way to have a portable Giga solution.

    But then again, where will the GSIF drivers come from? Are there PCMCIA audio cards with these drivers yet?

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    Re: Dell 8100 & giga....

    IEEE1394 is fast enough for many digital audio apps and even if you have a MOTU 828 firewire audio device (total bus is 50MB/sec or 400Mbits/sec). The MOTU828 is GSIF compatible (for GigaStudio 2.2; not GigaSampler 1.5/6). I found the data transfer rates faster on my Firewire drive than on the internal Dell8000 hard drive. But as you know that\'s not everything, and I doubt that Firewire could offer that 8-9ms seek time that Giga loves. It may be sufficient for live use, say 32 voices. I would probably go with using VSampler which is more of a memory-resident PC sampler (although it does offer disk-streaming now).

    Unfortunately I got rid of my Dell Inspiron 8000 because of the notorious fan/audio glitch bug. I\'m not sure I would ever buy Dell again after finding out that terrible design after I plunked $3K down on their high-end laptop!

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    Re: Dell 8100 & giga....

    well for one thing, I never saw a way to disable ACPI so that these Dell 8000\'s end up sharing about 10 devices on one IRQ! And of course it always seems to assign audio with the video or something equally horrible.

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    Re: Dell 8100 & giga....

    On the subject of Firewire drives; does anybody know of any sites that review the performance specs of high-end 1394 drives?

    I\'d love to learn which drives had the fastest seek times and largest capacity.

    Any recommendations?

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    Re: Dell 8100 & giga....

    Here is a response I got from a trusted computer builder regarding firewire/laptops/giga.

    >>I talked to you on the phone recently about the DELL Inspiran as a Laptop
    >>solution for audio. You mentioned connecting a IEEE hard drive to the
    >>laptop for the storage of the audio. Does IEEE stream fast enough to get
    >>10 tracks going smoothly?

    Shouldn\'t be a problem, The Glyph models are tested with 24-tracks.

    >>If so, then is putting Gigasamples on another IEEE drive a possibility as
    >>well? This would mean two HD connected via IEEE to the laptop...one for
    >>audio...one for Giga (with the 1.3 GigaHertz and probably 512MB RAM in
    >>the laptop).

    That\'s what I would do, always best to have a separate drive for Samples.
    However, they will be sharing a fixed amount of Firewire Bandwith, so there
    may still be a degree of bottleneck\"

    Maybe a solution is to find a laptop with two IEEE ports....does one exist?

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