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Topic: MaXiO from Egosys

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    MaXiO from Egosys

    Egosys is comming with a new card in september titled MaXiO:
    - 64 Channel 24-bit 96KHz Audio System
    - 8 x ADAT digital I/O
    - MIDI, S/PDIF, Wordclock I/O
    - Zero Latency Monitoring
    - Special ASIO Core (0% CPU load)
    - GIGA X ready/GIGAWire ready
    - WDM MIDI Driver
    - E-WDM driver for Windows XP/2000/ME/98SE

    An ad for this card will appear in the September issue of Mix Magazine.

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    Re: MaXiO from Egosys

    When will it ship? And at what price? ... If you know.

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    Re: MaXiO from Egosys

    Will their drivers work? (grrrrrr).

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    Re: MaXiO from Egosys

    Egosys is on holliday till 3 august

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    Re: MaXiO from Egosys

    Yeah.. I did filled one of their stupid \'technical support\' forms though. Lets see if anything happens.

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