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Topic: Stylus RMX: A few more questions

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    Stylus RMX: A few more questions

    I finally broke down and purchased Stylus RMX. I have a few questions regarding some of the SAGE expansion discs and workflow.

    1) Can anyone comment on Metamorphis? Is there quite a bit of content? Do the demos on Spectrasonics website reflect only Metamorphis or are there other additional sounds being utlized in the demos? Do many of the loops have melodic content that "locks you into" a specific key?

    2) Same questions for Ethno techno. (Any preferneces over the two?)

    3) How many different kits were used in the BackBeat expander? Are there a lot of snares, kicks etc?

    4) Lastly, I think it would be cool for Eric to include a "workflow" or "here's how I approach utlizing Stylus RMX " in a composition tutorial video. This may be a dumb suggestion but it may help some people understand how it was intended to "fit" into the music making process. So far I have created some really cool 2-4 bar grooves with neat effects and chaos etc. I then drag the MIDI files into Cubase and maybe add some cool RMX sounds on a few other MIDI tracks to "add" to the groove.

    Although I do not write hip hop or urban music etc, I know I will use this software for my soundtrack and pop songs. I love kit mode (ex-drummer) and a lot of the sounds (big kicks, snares and toms) are what i have been looking for! Thanks again Eric for the great inspiration. Now I just need Trilogy (I have Atmosphere as well) and I'll never need another VST as long as I live. (At least that's what I tell my lovely wife...)

    All the very best,

    "Every time you play a wrong note God kills a kitten."

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    Re: Stylus RMX: A few more questions

    I have metamorphisis as an expander and I love it. If you dig the sounds in the core library you will dig the sounds and grooves in that expander. As far as "being locked in a key" there are a good bit of tonal elements but the pitch can be changed very easily on the edit page in RMX. Hope this helps. Tim

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