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Topic: Garageband

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    Question Garageband

    First off thanks to all who replied to my Middle C question; I appreciate the help...

    Secondly, before I heard of Garritan, I bought the Symphony Orchestra Jam Pack for my iBook, and I use it in Garageband, which I've been really pleased with...

    The thing is, I'd really like to try GPO but can't really afford Finale or something like it at the moment, but I came across a couple of Garageband tutorials on GPO...

    Does anyone have any personal experience with GPO and Garageband that they could share?

    Incidently, if anyone is curious to hear any of my stuff, send me an email at


    and I'll reply with some music.

    Thanks again to everyone for their courtesy and God bless!


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    Re: Garageband

    The problem with GarageBand is that it won't directly support using an instrument multi-timbrally.

    Each track in Garageband has to address just one instrumental timbre on just one MIDI channel.

    So you have to open multiple copies of Garritan's Kompakt Player, a new instance assigned to each track, each one playing only one sound.

    It works, but it isn't very efficient. You can't play many simultaneous tracks and sounds without overloading your CPU.

    GarageBand, while quite powerful, is designed to be the easiest product on the market to learn to use. Apple must have figured that multi-timbral instruments and multiple MIDI channels per track would be too complicated for beginners to figure out.

    GarageBand's big brother, Apple Logic Express, can handle multi-timbral instruments and multiple channels of MIDI data per track. It sells for around $300.

    Like any other tool, I say, go ahead and use GarageBand to its fullest capacity. When it is no longer sufficient for your needs, then think about upgrading to a more powerful product.
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