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Topic: rising repeating samples

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    rising repeating samples

    when creating .gigs I don\'t know how to keep samples with repeating arpeggios from getting faster and faster as I move up the key board. Any ideas?


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    Re: rising repeating samples

    Not possible using Gigastudio and a single sample.

    Giga plays higher and lower pitches by using a tape recorder type technique - speeding up and slowing down the sample.

    You should use a separate sample for each note.

    Acid and a few other applications will allow you to \'resample\' the original sample at different pitches while keeping the same speed. You then assign these resampled wavs to your instrument.

    As distance from the original sample pitch increases, you usually start to hear \'artifacts\' which vary in quality from a slight flange effect to a pronounced delay.

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    Re: rising repeating samples

    thanks. Perhaps it is necessary to make all those individual samples. Yuk. I have been playing around with Reaktor and the granular sample player does this and I was hoping that giga could too.

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