I\'m having a problem where gigasampler won\'t recognize my 2408. It happned after I installed the new MOTU drivers. Under the old drivers, Gigasampler \"saw\" the 2408, but couldn\'t play sounds to it. A couple months ago (before I needed it of course) it did work for a while. But when I came back to it, it didn\'t. So then I downloaded the new drivers and it doesn\'t recognize the 2408 at all. I tried reinstalling the old drivers, but that didnt really help me very much, because although it will \"see\" the 2408, it still can\'t play the gigsampler through the 2408 outputs. I re-installed the motu wave drivers, checked and unchecked all the options in control panel under multimedia. I\'ve rebooted about a million times, and I still can\'t figure it out.

Here\'s my system:
Compaq athlon presario
256K ram
2 cd rom drives
2 hard drives
sound blaster

ps the gigasampler works fine through the soundblaster. except the soundblaster completely sucks for recording. and other programs like sound forge have no problem using the 2408. so what gives?