Hi everyone!

Please read this (rather lengthy) document before you begin to post in this section.

Those who have previously been regular visitors in the past know that this section has been shut down 2 times now. This is our last chance. Next time, it’s gone for good.

It is very unfortunate that it has come to this. The vast majority of discussions in this section have been civil and respectful. A lot of friends have been made in here regardless of differences of opinion. This is a forum for music and musicians. It is not a political blog. This forum does not endorse any political or religious belief; it is simply a place to discuss music and the tools we use to create music. This section has come to be coined as “The Water Cooler” by our favorite ape.
It is recognized that our values, imagination, and thought process, are an important part of music making. And since our values, imagination, and thought processes are unique to each person, contributions can help us look at things in a new light, or a different perspective. They can often offend others as well – either intentionally or quite inadvertently, yet the result is the same.
Music is a form of expression, and it is not my intent to stifle any expression or creative thought, however, the practical reality is that this is a world wide forum, with members from everywhere on this planet. Laws are different; values are different, and so on. The concept of “freedom of speech” is a value (and has laws to protect it) in the United States. This is a value that I, myself, hold very dear, but just because you can say something doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. Also, as this is a world wide forum based outside the United States, it is not necessarily bound by any U.S. law in this regard.
How does one moderate such a forum? I guess, I’ll find out. But if we want to keep this place, here are some guidelines:

1) Really (and I mean really, really), read the rules: http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...ad.php?t=32928
2) Think before you hit “submit”. If you have a doubt as to whether your post/response might be inflammatory to anyone at all (anywhere in the world, not just in a thread), then don’t do it.
3) Let it go… resist the urge to hit back if you feel you have been hit. This is not a boxing ring. It is not a platform for attack or defense – just civil discussion.
4) Try to avoid politics and religion (perhaps unavoidable – but try anyway).
5) Try to not be upset if a post is removed or a thread deleted etc. Everyone who has been around knows my personal political leanings and such, but hopefully you know also that I have always tried to be, and have been, fair. I will whack stuff I think might be offensive, or combative whether I personally happen to agree or not. It’s a judgment call on my part – and I’m only human (well, that’s a topic for another thread). I will get it wrong sometimes – I’ll learn as I go. Don’t read anything into it if something that should be removed is not – I’m not at my computer 24/7 (only 23/7 but I’m doing other stuff like playing music - or making noise at least)
6) Perhaps the most important thing is this: Help me not have to moderate. Let’s moderate ourselves so we can keep this place.
7) For my fellow citizens of the United States, please keep in mind that there is a world out there that is not the United States – (yes it’s true! I’ve seen it!) And that English is not the first language of some posters. English can come across a little harsh in translation when that is not the intent. Try to recognize this and not get upset. Oh, and the worst thing to do is to comment on someone’s English. After all, how many languages does the typical American speak?

Well, let’s see how it goes. We have a lot of friends here – let’s make more - and not bash anyone.