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Topic: Which Soundcard is the best ?

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    Which Soundcard is the best ?

    Hi Guys,
    i got my gigastudio running on my p3-500 and am using it with an awe64gold. The only problem is that i can only mix fx on an the master track...

    i combined it through spdif with my other p4-1400 including pulsar... so now i have an extra machine for pulsar

    Now my question : Which soundcard should i buy for the gigamachine ? I heard some things about hoontech!?!

    Which card under 250 $ is okay for a giga machine ? or do i have to invest more ?

    thanks to all you guys

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    Re: Which Soundcard is the best ?

    Well I\'m pretty darn happy with my Echo Mia card. The 8 virtual outputs are handy for stuff like GS & FX in Sonar and the stereo analog & digital I/O is fine for my needs. And at only $169-$199 it\'s pretty cheap for a pro-level audio card with clean specs, etc.

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