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Topic: How to apply a .art file

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    How to apply a .art file

    I was sent a .art file from Sonic Implants (now SONiVOX MI) to modify a drum sample that I bought from them. They said to use Giga Editor to apply the .art file. Since I have GS3 Solo, is there another way to apply the .art file?



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    Re: How to apply a .art file

    Giga solo doesn't come with an editor??

    I think you need Giga editor to do this unless there's a way with the quick edit window.

    if you have giga editor , you just have to load the .gig file then , in the file menu , within the editor , you can load the new .art file.

    after that you re-save with the new .art file and your done

    best regards


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