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Topic: Is the Wami rack the ultimate giga sound card ?

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    Is the Wami rack the ultimate giga sound card ?

    Hi All
    I want to get a high quality sound card [24/96 capability ] for giga but the only sound card that I have found that has a 4x4 midi port feature that giga studio supports is the Wami rack .
    I want a high quality audio and midi card all in one solution.
    Is the Wamirack the solution and is the sound quality is good as the Midiman delta 1010?

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    Re: Is the Wami rack the ultimate giga sound card ?

    It\'s such a pain finding a card in the midrange, there\'s so many choices...I\'m still torn between delta 1010, omni studio or echo mia, the problem I need a midi interface. Ego makes the best next to MOTU from what I\'m told, and Wami rack supposedly has one of the lowest latencies with GS, if I read right somewhere in the recent archives here....Also check out sospubs.co.uk one of the most respected magazine sites, check for the Wami rack review in the search area. SOS pretty much loved the wami rack.

    Personally at this point, my favorites seem to lie with MIA since it seems to have the best mutliclient support + the Ego 4x4 midi interface, or Wami rack which seems to be the all in one solution.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Is the Wami rack the ultimate giga sound card ?

    I wouldn\'t let the midi features make the critical choice about sound cards. It just as easy and possibly cheaper? to buy the midi seperately. this makes the range of choices much better and leaves one free to keep the important giga requirements/options like GSIF and Multiclient up front. I use the soundscape card with an opcode midi box and everything has been fine.

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    Re: Is the Wami rack the ultimate giga sound card ?

    I agree, you can buy a cheap SB clone and just use the MIDI/joystick port on that. I use an SBLive (wav for system sounds, joystick for MIDI ports) and an Echo Mia and they work fine together. Just stay away from USB MIDI ports of course (Gigasampler hates \'em)!

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