Hi Folks,

Last week I wanted to mix down a song, which consists of Gigasampler tracks and tracks of my Yamaha CS1X. When I mix all the tracks down, the ones of Gigasampler and the ones of my synth, and place them in Cubase VST, they don´t sync. The first minute yes, but later on it´s going more and more out of sync.

I got one soundcard, Gravis Ultrasound PnP (Plug & Pray) which works well at the moment. You might ask me how the hell did you configure your sistem with one soundcard? I downloaded Virtual Audio Cable and configured Cubase 3.05 with this device and Gigasampler with my Gravis. When I record my Synth tracks I have to disable de Gigasampler device. Shall this be the problem?? I mean with gigasampler they sync great with playing, but recording not. I think when Gigsampler is disabled, cubase uses another sync, which is off course diferent and I think I have to buy another soundcard. Or not?

I hope that somebody´s got the answer. Thanks...

Greetings Sander

My system :
Pentium II 233MMX
64 MB Ram
Gravis Ultrasound 8 MB
Quantum 4,3 UltraDMA