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Topic: GST.160+LAP=ASIO in bad mode?

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    GST.160+LAP=ASIO in bad mode?


    I have Gigastudio 160, Logic Platinum, and a darla 24 card, all on one machine which is a PIII 450, 256 mb ram, 2 20 gig hard drives (ide-7200).

    I\'d like to use the ASIO drivers in Logic while sequencing Giga but when both programs are running I get the message from Logic \"ASIO drivers are in a bad mode.\"

    Logic by itself w/ASIO is fine.

    I just can\'t afforde a stand alone Giga solution, but I\'m wondering if more ram or a faster cpu will do the trick.

    I\'ve alredy been through a couple of the \"optimize your PC for Giga or adio\" pages out there. But maybe there\'s some tweaking I can do.

    In the end, what I\'d like is 16plus Giga channels, 1-8 audio tracks, and perhaps the es1 or b4, with little to no efx plug-ins.

    It seens that if I could get the ASIO drivers to work that\'d be a good start.

    Any suggestions??

    please help,


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    Re: GST.160+LAP=ASIO in bad mode?

    Hi S-Black

    I\'ve attached a reply to problems like yours by Kevin Phelan from Nemesys - It was on the Yahoo Giga forum.

    You should also search on these NS forums for posts by \'Hancor\' as he has a Logic/Giga system working well. He\'s an experienced PC head though and it doesn\'t seem like a total breeze to me who\'s always used hardware modules in the past.

    Here you go:

    Hello Dave,

    It appears that Logic and Gigastudio are both fighting over the Mixtreme\'s 16
    audio channels. This will happen even when
    Gigastudio isn\'t actually running.


    Gigastudio allows you to enable or disable each individual audio channel on the
    Mixtreme card.

    Logic allows you to specify the *maximum number* of channels you would like to
    enable on the card.

    So take the following steps:

    1) Run Gigastudio. On the Settings->Hardware/Routing page disable all audio
    output channels. Enable channels 15 and 16.

    2) While Gigastudio is running, start Logic Audio. In the second Audio Drivers
    settings page, under ASIO choose \"Max I/O streams\"
    of 14 IN and 14 OUT. Then enable ASIO and relaunch Logic.

    Assuming both programs exit correctly and save their settings, it should now be
    possible to start either program or both at the
    same time without crashes.


    * This assumes that the user wants to reserve 14 channels for Logic Audio and 2
    channels for Giga. Of course you can change
    this. Just remember that Logic takes over a range of channels from 1 up to the
    max you specify. Logic ignores channels above
    this max. You can assign these extra channels to Giga or to another app.

    * Gigastudio 2.01.36 is a necessary update for this setup to work, because
    previous versions of Gigastudio wouldn\'t let you change
    the sample depth from 24 bits to 16 bits. Plus some problems with Logic
    integration have been addressed.

    Nemesys Tech Support



    Here\'s a recent post by Hans (Hancor). He seems to have success. There is another post somewhere where he details what he did to get things working. Sorry I haven;t time right now to find it:

    Hi Chadwick,
    My colleague Rob, is currently working on a song with 24 audio, 20 MIDI tracks and about a dozen Logic Audio FX at 16bit, 44.1Khz resolution. The hardware is on a Tyan S1837 UANG motherboard with and Intel PIII 850Mhz CPU. So far the CPU usage in Logic is hovering around 20%, while disk usage is about 5%. When sampling GS160 into Logic Audio we\'ve set the polyphony to 160;
    and done it a track at time into Logic. We haven\'t yet found a need to run more. When applying FX one can either run the GS160 FX or the audio FX in Logic. If you layer on 32bit plugins the danger is to swamp the CPU
    floating point register with data. IE. 2exp(32)= 4.3 billion samples to recreate the sine wave!!! So if you are in the habit of running 32bit plugins use them judiciously.

    On the other hand in a few years time when IBM rolls out their 210GHz transistor technology this will merely be an academic matter.

    If your interested in the article on 210Ghz transistors you\'ll find it here: http://www.research.ibm.com/resources/news/20010625_transistor.shtml

    In the event you are a power geek with a physics background
    you can get the full meal deal here: http://www.research.ibm.com/journal/rd/443/meyerson.html

    Warning do not read the second article unless you wear a calculator with scientific functions and know how to use it.

    Logic Audio and GS160 at 210 Ghz, now that thought will allow one to run more than a few plugins at 32 bit resolution!!!

    As the futurist Frank Ogden once told me: \"The steamroller of change is coming; you can either ride it or become part of the road.\"

    Sorry for being a little off topic, but for those of us who depend on computing power for living, this is pretty big news.



    Hope this helps,

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