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Topic: GS3 and Finale 7

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    GS3 and Finale 7

    I recently installed Finale 7 and GS3 Orchestra and have been trying in vain to play GS3 samples from within Finale.

    Here is what I have found:

    In Finale 7 under MIDI setup / MIDI out I can select GigaOut Port1/Control (or other GigaOut ports)

    Obviously, Finale is aware of GS3.

    In GS3, under System settings / Harware / MIDI Port configuration / MIDI In Ports

    my only 2 options are: " Delta AP192" (my soundcard) or "none"

    GS3 does not seem to know about Finale (maybe it doesnt need to know ...).

    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: GS3 and Finale 7

    Try to deselect the Delta MIDI input (System settings / Harware / MIDI Port configuration / MIDI In Ports), ie. select none. Now play your keyboard (or whatever MIDI Input device) through your Finale. Does any of the MIDI Port lights at the bottom of GigaStudio window turn red? Then GigaStudio knows about Finale. If lights are green only, you should check that MIDI through function in Finale is turned on.

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    Smile Re: GS3 and Finale 7

    Thank you for those suggestions, Ondrej. Those MIDI lights are very useful. After a lot of playing around, I finally figured it out: GS3 recognizes Finale after you start using it as its "Editor". Works like a charm now.


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    Re: GS3 and Finale 7

    Actually, you want to use it as your sequencer.

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