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Topic: Any users of MOTU 2408?

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    Any users of MOTU 2408?

    I am in the process of evaluating my audio computer and noting the upgrades I must make to it prior to purchasing Gigastudio 160. Is anyone successfully using the MOTU 2408 with Gigastudio? The PC is a pentium 3 450, ABIT BE-6 motherboard, 512mb ram, 2 IBM 66 13.5 gig hard drives, SCSI CD burner, Sound Forge, Vegas Audio, CD Architect, WAVES NPP plugins, and Cakewalk, MQX32-M midicard (there is no other software- it is for audio only). The MOTU 2408 is used to transfer 24 tracks of Tascam DA-88 into the software, for enhancement and from there it can go to a DAT, CD or back to tape. This setup has been successfully working in a commercial recording studio for the past year without any errors. I plan to purchase an additional hard drive (scsi) for Gigastudio to reside on. Do you see any reason Gigastudio will not work with this system and software? I am anxious to begin the upgrades. Thanks.

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    Re: Any users of MOTU 2408?

    Yep I\'m using giga studio with the 2408..
    I bought a made for music Pc from a local retailer.. It\'s running a p3 1gig 512ram I don\'t know the motherboard other than it\'s asus board.. I run only gigastudio on this machine.. I fought for 2 months trying to get logic audio and giga to play nice... No go..(Not Motu\'s problem) But now they have version 2.2.. So maybe it would now.
    I send outa giga via lightpipe.. To my digi console... I do giga 96 so I max out my poly real quickly doin a piano track with bass and drums.. No crashin/blue screens.. notta..
    I\'m runnin ME
    P.s Motu support for windoz sucks real bad.. Call them early.. I needed them when I was trying to work Logic/giga on one system..

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    Re: Any users of MOTU 2408?

    Thanks Brian, I built this computer specifically for audio and am running Win98SE. I just recently purchased a MOTU Digital Time Piece to use as master sync for the digital gear. I have been on the phone several times with tech support trying to get everything to talk together so I know what you mean about them being drawn to Macs. I am glad to hear you are having great results with the 2408. I am planning to purchase Giga 160 so I hope everything does not choke due to the 450mhz cpu, if it does, I will upgrade the motherboard and cpu. Again Thanks! Michael

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