Hi all
I am Running Cubase VST 5.0 and GigaSampler on a PIII/Win98 system. My soundcard is a MOTU PCI-324 with a MOTU 2408mkII interface. My MIDI controller is a Roland PC-300. I am using Nenad Siskov\'s GSFIX utility as well. When I launch Cubase from Giga Sampler, I receive a message that informs me that Analog 1 and Analog 2 are being used by another application (probably the Wave driver)and are unaivable to Cuabse. In Cubase, I can trigger GigaSampler thorugh Midi channel 1 and 2, but no audio plays through Cubase. My assumption is that this issue is related to the lack of multi-client support of the PCI-324, but I thought that using GSFIX and enabling/disabling the apprporiate outputs would take care of the issue. Any ideas or thoughts?

Hy Simhan