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Topic: The ultimate Gigastudio Soundcard!

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    The ultimate Gigastudio Soundcard!

    Hi Everyone

    What would you like to see in the ultimate Gigastudio soundcard? Please explain specs and ideas (maybe look at other soundcards with good properties that you like). Think of functionality and what you wish to see in the Ultimate Gigastudio soundcard. I am interested to know.

    **Please do not go off the subject about whos soundcards are the best etc. (You can name the card, but try and pick all the good qualities of the card etc and look at what its missing and what you wish it had etc.)

    How would a Gigastudio Soundcard be different from your every day soundcard?

    Good Luck and let\'s begin.

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    Re: The ultimate Gigastudio Soundcard!

    Above all, good drivers
    like RME, does their onboard asio chip/dsp translate to better gsif latency.
    The ability to sit well with other cards on pci and isa. Very stable and comprehensive digital clocks. Phase control of wordclock.
    Word clock i/o
    A firewire i/o for mLan MIDI, Audio with its own dedicated dsp
    Onboard DSP mixer, effects etc a la Pulsar and Mixtreme.
    Auto pitch correction for live input.
    Stable enough software to use live.
    32 gsif i/o
    24 ADAT AND! TDIF i/o
    8 analog i/o with mic pre\'s on ins and line/mic output jack and XLR
    4x4MIDI i/o if it worked well, stable
    direct digital sync lock derived from mtc, smpte
    WindowsXP, 2000
    MacOS, MacOSX compatable and TRUELY compatable. Thriving communnity, good third party support for plugins, good support
    not above US$1700

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    Re: The ultimate Gigastudio Soundcard!

    Really GigaStudio is so hugely dependent upon Harddrive access and bus speeds that I can\'t see how any super Giga Soundcard can help out.
    The only thing which would really be in the soundcard manufacturers power would be just to make the best implementation of GSIF as they possibly can whilst also implementing a rockfast WDM driver to compliment that and then giving 32 seperate outputs, like the Pulsar card, to GigaStudio. Above and beyond that the ultimate card might also have this new thing they call GigaWire.... but I don\'t really know much about that.

    The rest is all up to the motherboard, harddrive, ram, and a successful windows installation (for which I think repeated attempts might be needed to hit the nail on the head).

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    Re: The ultimate Gigastudio Soundcard!

    I have a WamiRack. In audio 4 ins, 8 outs. In midi 4 ins, 4 outs. SMPTE in/out. SPDIF optical/coaxial. The last driver (E-WDM 1.31) is an enhanced (E) one based on WDM (Windows Driver Model). Basically it´s integrates all the drivers in one (normal, GSIF, ASIO) plus the possibility of streaming directly the output of GigaStudio into the ASIO in, good for applying FXs and record in a Audio Sequencer (something like Rewire).
    Fo more details go to www.egosys.net (Ihave nothing to do with this business but I am happy with how is functionning this card and the customer service...).

    Richard Krull

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    Re: The ultimate Gigastudio Soundcard!

    I would say Pulsar2.
    Because it of it\'s synthesizers, effects, mixers, flexibel routing possibilities etc.
    Since Gigastudio has very few \"synth\" features, like portamento, legato, filter settings etc., a pulsar2 card is the perfect \"companion\" to Gigastudio.
    Since the pulsar devices uses power from the dsp chips on the soundcard, it doesn\'t interfere with other cpu-based programs you\'re using.

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