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Topic: M-Audio Delta 1010 anyone?

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    M-Audio Delta 1010 anyone?

    I\'m thinking of buying the M-Audio Delta 1010 soundcard as part of a DAW system. If you are using the card could you give me the pros and cons of using it with GigaStudio?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: M-Audio Delta 1010 anyone?

    I\'m checking out soundcards as well. There\'s an review at ProRec.com by Bruce Richardson in Oct \'99. It\'s available on-line.

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    Re: M-Audio Delta 1010 anyone?

    Here the low down. I\'ve had mine about 2 years .Bought it right when it came out. 6 month ago, I had my only problem ever with it, it made a loud crackling noise (my computer and my sound card was on 24/7 for a year and a half (no lie) Compac 300 mhz win 95 beast. I emailed them they gave me a return # but I found out they where 30 mins from L.A. (where I live) they fixed it in 1 day said it was a \"crackler\" meaning one of the early models that had a problem didn\'t even ask for my reciept. So that was cool. Sooooo to let you know the details the thing freaking has been rock solid on that old wind 95 machine and now I have a 1.3 Thunderbird raid system and got Gigastudio and was happy to hear it worked. Loaded up giga and wallah not a hitch. The thing is fantastic and I\'m not a company guy. Anything that lasts and is stable and works will always get my money. I was so lucky I bought it, at that time I was lucky I didn\'t get one of the cards I keep reading about that are incompatible with alot of stuff. If you like hard stuff you can check mp3.com/shine and hear what I did on it.

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    Re: M-Audio Delta 1010 anyone?

    I also want to mention, I\'m a rookie with Gigastudio, though the 10/10 works fine with Gigastudio , I don\'t know if the Delta will have wierd stuff later on if I expand to midi sequencing. Ask others about that. I\'m new to this midi stuff.I just know the 10/10 has been utterly solid as sound card using it for recording multiple tracks and playback, NOT using sequencing. I\'m just doing a little stuff with the new ACID program recoding midi and its working fine.

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    Re: M-Audio Delta 1010 anyone?

    I have been using the 1010 for 6 months now and I am extremely happy with it..no problems at all...the only drawback I have found is that there is only one MIDI port..so you can\'t take full advantage of the Gigastudios 4-port capability. I have found a few work arounds for that too though.

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