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Topic: WaveCenter ->Motu2408 via Lightpipe

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    WaveCenter ->Motu2408 via Lightpipe

    I would like to connect a WaveCenterPCI to my Motu 2408 via lightpipe but the WaveCenter does not have ADAT sync nor a word clock connection.

    Will the audio transfer without any problems without some sort of digital sync (ADAT or word clock)?

    Has anyone had any success or problems with this setup?

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    Re: WaveCenter ->Motu2408 via Lightpipe

    I am trying to figure out the same thing before I buy the WaveCenterPCI. Would you please forward any email you may get about this topic to me.
    Thanks in advance
    Tim Sidden

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    Re: WaveCenter ->Motu2408 via Lightpipe

    Frontier Design is very responsive. Why not get in touch with them?

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    Re: WaveCenter ->Motu2408 via Lightpipe

    Here\'s the word from Frontier Design Group:

    Thanks for visiting our website and sending us your questions. You can use either WaveCenter/PCI or Dakota with the 2408. There is word clock (sample rate clock) information imbedded in the digital audio signal that\'s transmitted through ADAT optical or S/PDIF (optical or coax) ports. Either of our cards can be the audio clock master (set to Internal) or it can be slaved to the device that\'s connected to any of its digital audio inputs.</p>

    If you need to use *timecode* sync (rather than just sample rate sync, then Dakota would be the better choice because it has an ADAT 9-pin sync input in addition to the optical ports.</p>

    If anyone has been using these cards with GS, it would be nice to hear what you think of its MIDI performance (latency). Any other recommendations/warnings would also be helpful.</p>

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