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Topic: Hoontech SoundTrack Audio DSP 24 MKII

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    Hoontech SoundTrack Audio DSP 24 MKII

    I have Gigastudio 160 and I\'m about to buy Propeller Heads Reason and now I want to upgrade my SB AWE Gold to something better.

    I\'ve seen the specs on this card and it looks good but it would be so nice to hear some thoughts from someone who has this. Does it work for you? Decent Latency?

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    Re: Hoontech SoundTrack Audio DSP 24 MKII

    I\'ve got the MK1 version of the card with the ADC-DAC2000 box (this combination is known as the C-Port in Australia). It\'s a great card for the money. The ADC box gives you 8 extra inputs and outputs. As long as you have the latest GigaStudio upgrade and have the multiclient drivers that Hoontech have released for it, the latency is great. When I first got the new drivers and used the first version of GS, the latency was awful, but now that I\'ve got the latest upgrade, it\'s working great. The multiclient drivers work great and it\'s a breeze to set up which outputs are for what type of application. As well as GSIF drivers, it has support for ASIO, DirectSound and MME. Go for it! You\'ll be just as pleased as I was.

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