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Topic: Atmosphere - kind of therapy

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    Atmosphere - kind of therapy

    Hi Folks,
    let me tell some words about Atmosphere and the other two Spectrasonics instruments. I've got all three of them now and they are a rich source of inspiration. But what I didn't expect is the kind of therapeutic influence I've experienced when using especially Atmosphere in conjunction with Trilogy/RMX to create some tunes. I'm not the biggest composer in town, nevertheless making music is lot of fun and I love playing the guitar for more than 25 years now.
    Unfortunately I've got some psychosomatic trouble due to the daily fights we all have to encounter. A proper way to decrease that sometimes huge amount of stress are physical exercises in fresh air, cold showers and, believe it or not, launching the system and just playing some chords in Atmosphere along with some Trilogy notes and also a bit Stylus, which lets the body move instinctively. It fills up the room with sounds and frequencies never heard before and results in some relaxation of body and soul, and most likely even my plants enjoy it . And all without bringing up lots of units and effects, which is most important, 'cause it's another kind of insane tension spending hours with a whole bunch of equipment just tweaking and looking for the right sound.

    O.k., so far, just my six pence, peace for all

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    Re: Atmosphere - kind of therapy

    I totally agree. I completed an entire CD of peaceful, meditative music using mostly sounds from atmospheres. My fav sound is definitely Mysterious Movement... It somehow slipped into every track!

    Listen to a demo if you're interested. I'd love to hear some of your meditative stuff--


    Alex Davis


    (link to the peaceful music site)

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