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Topic: GS crashed with Win98SE

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    GS crashed with Win98SE


    On a FRESH installed win98 system with a Gina Card (latest drivers 5.01) and the gigasampler 1.6 software...

    whenever I try to start the GS the system crashes with a fatal error in MFC42.DLL !!!
    (the lib is still the \'original\' one supplied by win98SE CD...!! it hasn\'t been overwritten by any other software by accident (yet)..)

    Anyone has any idea and can help..!?


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    Re: GS crashed with Win98SE

    As no one replied early enough on my topic..I found a solution myself... and here is the answer for all those who might run into the same error as well in future:

    Using the GINA drivers above v4.05 does NOT work with gigasampler v1.6 !
    This error occurs on several systems and seems to depend on the specific hardware specification used...

    Short: Use v4.05 Gina drivers only..and everything works fine!


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    Re: GS crashed with Win98SE

    Sorry for putting you through that. All the details are on our website in the 1.6 section but I\'ll give you the quick and even better solution. With the 5.x Echo drivers, you need to simply uncheck the direct sound driver in the Echo card. (this is done in the device manager) This applies to 1.6. There is now a 1.61 Beta that addresses this inconvienence that you are also welcome to try out. It allows you to keep the direct sound enabled and still use the GigaSampler.
    Hope this help you.
    Dave of NemeSys

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