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Topic: Gigastudio 2.20 and Egosys EWDM driver

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    Gigastudio 2.20 and Egosys EWDM driver

    Seems I have done myself dirty by updating my Egosys Waveterminal 2496 driver to the new 1.1 EWDM version that\'s supposed to work with Gigastudio 2.2(beta). GS now says it can\'t find any compatible cards in my PC.

    (There\'s also a SB Live! that I upgraded to WDM drivers at the same time, so I could have a try at installing a copy of Sonar that I bought in March and then put away till now, thinking I\'d wait till all the bugs were worked out.)

    If it comes to a choice between Sonar and GS, I\'ll ditch Sonar in a heartbeat -- all I cared about was Tassman -- but if anyone knows a way forward, please let me hear from you.


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    Re: Gigastudio 2.20 and Egosys EWDM driver

    Hi Oksi!
    You must be sure to have the lastest update of Gigasampler. That\'s 2.20.41 I think. And its works by me.
    ALso I\'ve got the last update driver for Sound blaster (but I think thats not important)
    Perhaps try to first install giga, then the driver of the card. (i don\'t rember how I\'ve done this)
    By win 2000 it don\'t works, the next update (comes in the \"summer\")....

    So try it, it works.

    It would be fine to know someone that have the same cards and drivers like me, never find one and tell out the experiences.
    For example Giga tells me that Waveterminal runs only with 32Bits ???

    Ohh I saw the date too late. So I think now you have solved your problem, there is also ewdm driver 1.3 out now.
    But please tell me about the 32 bit and also what harddrive your are using? \'cause I want to buy a new one.

    [This message has been edited by Noisi (edited 06-22-2001).]

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