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Topic: Sound Forge 4.5 as Waveeditor

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    Sound Forge 4.5 as Waveeditor

    Is somebody using \"sound forge 4.5\" instead of \"sample wrench\" as waveeditor for the Gigasampler ? After i try to edit the wave-file direct from the instrument editor via edit audio, sound forge is telling me that sound forge has no permission using the wave file. Is it a bug ? Help...


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    Re: Sound Forge 4.5 as Waveeditor

    I haven\'t had that problem.

    What sound card are you using? What are you doing in SF when you get that message?

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    Re: Sound Forge 4.5 as Waveeditor

    my card is the gina / echo. sf is working fine on itself perfectly. i just try to open in the instruments editor the wave file in the pool on the left side - usually sample wrench is coming up. now sf is coming up like i want it and he is trying to open the wavefile (which i think giga made a copy of the wavefile in the temp folder) but the access to the file is now denied.hmmm...?


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    Re: Sound Forge 4.5 as Waveeditor

    Hello Siggi, I also have sound forge 4.5 but i\'m not getting the same problems . Its working so well that even when I put my loop points on any files using soundforge, Gigasampler recognizes the points. what can I say Smooth intergration.
    Where are you editing the files from? The loader or the gigasampler rack? I had your problem once before just can\'t remember what i did to fix this. After you edit the file are you saving the file?

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    Re: Sound Forge 4.5 as Waveeditor

    siggi and Me solved the problem. I appears when the temp-folders of the GS-Editor and soundforge is identical. Then GS-Editor extracts a wav-file into the folder, sondforge opens this file and trys to create a similarly named temp file which causes the already opened file to be overwritten - uuups...

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