I have a delta 1010 and am using it with gigastudio 160 I am trying to get audio out the coxial S/PDIF port but can\'t seem to ge it to work.

I called Midiman and they said that i needed new drivers and that the 1010 was sharing an IRQ and that was probably was the problem. I replaced the driver and did some other things that they said to do but the IRQ is being shared with ACPI IRQ holder for PCI IRQ steering , and I can\'t get it on an IRQ by itself.

How do I get it on an IRQ by itself. I have 4 open PCI slots, I don\'t have anything in this computer but one delta 1010 card and it still doesn\'t work.

anyone know how to do this? would appreciate any help from anybody ,as trying to get a hold of Midiman suport can be a daunting challenge.