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    I\'m buying a Digi001 system and want to use GS. As I don\'t have the budget for a desk yet, how does recording GS within the PC work? Is it a pain? Can I get a good card without paying for a breakout box that I don\'t need?

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    Re: Newcomer

    Hi Lucas
    I just want GS to take care of drums, keys and strings whilst mixing them with other audio tracks recorded to the hard drive. (guitars and vox).Without a desk I\'ll presumably have to record GS outputs to audio tracks in protools as opposed to running them from midi into the final mix.

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    Re: Newcomer

    It should work fine. Either you can record the output direct into Protools, or capture the wav files to the hard drive and them import them in.

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    Re: Newcomer


    It\'s very easy to capture audio files directly to the hard drive with GS.
    But what are you going to do with them at that point? You can use them as this or import them to a multitrack, etc.
    Tell us what you want your final result to be.

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