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Topic: ADAT I/O - Can you chain ins/outs?

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    ADAT I/O - Can you chain ins/outs?

    I\'m wondering if anyone is doing this or knows whether it can easily be done:

    I\'d like to set up three Giga PCs each with sound cards that have ADAT lightpipe I/O. I want to have eight channels of audio from each and chain the output of the first to the input of the second and so on and pick up the mixed signal from the last PC in the line. Will this work? Can you suggest cards I should consider? Is there a better way to approach it? Thanks in advance for your comments!

    Doug Marshall

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    Re: ADAT I/O - Can you chain ins/outs?

    Doug, look into Aardvark\'s \"Aark 24\" eight channel soundcard with Adat. It allows multiple cards chained with a master mixing/ monitering program and you may be able to save a computer or two by putting them all in one box. Look out for disk I/O though when you run more than 8 channels of giga in one box (MOTU warns about a posible problem doing this with their cards). If the Aark 24 looks like something you may purchase, you should be able to get one for under $600 and it cames with a full copy of cakewalk pro audio 9 that you could sell on the net, to further reduce the cost of the card.

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    Re: ADAT I/O - Can you chain ins/outs?

    Thanks, Doc! I\'ll check out the Aark 24. I like your thought on selling the extra Cakewalk software, too.

    I\'m planning only one card in each PC but want to pass the 8-channel audio from one PC to the next in digital form and pick up a summary from the last computer. I\'m currently doing this with spdif, but that\'s only two channels.


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