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Topic: Wait... There must be an easier way!!!!!

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    Wait... There must be an easier way!!!!!

    Two soundcards!

    Yes, one for Gigastudio and one for MIDI/audio application. For me It\'s working very well.There seems to be so many people
    struggling with souncard conflicts and feels
    quite desperate.Is it really mulliclient or not, why it won\'t work with my Cubase/Logic/
    Cakewalk etc ? My anwer to your problems is
    to purchase cheap but good soundcard with GSIF drivers and dedicate it only for GSt!
    There are many good alternatives;
    M-Audio Audiophile 2496(So many praises all around and cheap!!), Delta 44-66 &Delta Dio 2496, Echo Mia ,Terratec EWX2496(I have
    heard of many problems in this and oher forum,so I might think twice with this alternative).
    I just heard about Hoontech Soundtrack Audio DSP24 Value!
    Unbelievable cheap, only 128 USD!!!
    (+ optional bracket with digital I/O and
    and midi I/O for 50 USD)
    Excellent drivers (ASIO 2.0 and GSIF with
    multiclient support)!!!

    So, another soundcard would be a better choice?
    Fellas, what do you think

    Giga greeting from Finland

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    Re: Wait... There must be an easier way!!!!!

    The Delta66 works very well with Cubase & Gigasmapler. Just dedicate outputs 3/4 to Giga, Cubase automatically selects 1/2.
    If you set things up this way, you should have no audio card conflicts concerning \"audio hardware already in use\" messages.

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    Re: Wait... There must be an easier way!!!!!

    hi, I just wanted to let you know that
    I had configuration not set up correctly.
    The Aardvark Pro 24/96 works flawlessly with Gigastudio/Cakewalk. Aardvark Products have the best low jitter clocks, and what I like about it is both the soundcard and breakoutbox is shielded which the Delta 1010 does not provide. I also like the Aardvark, because it has one of the best ASIO drivers abd the DSP is incredible. This is one soundcard used for Samples and sequencing. I have had not had 1 pop or click. I think the delta 1010 is also a good card but does not come close sonically.


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