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Topic: 64 note Polyphony???

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    64 note Polyphony???

    Hi all,

    On 3 diferent computers with P-III450 and
    128 MB of ram, Seagate 7200 RPM HD just for
    samples, we never got more then 16 note
    polyphony... (Cubase or Cakewalk runing on
    the same computer).Long notes are cut after
    a few seconds.
    Other things we were \"playing with\" are:
    1.More RAM (192MB)
    2.Hubi Midiloop driver
    3.External sequencer (second computer playing
    midi files).
    4.different motherboardes.

    Any idea why?

    Please give us any hint how to insure 64 polyphony.( yes - we are runing GS ver1.6...)

    Thanks to all the wizards...

    Dovi Engler
    Prosys Technologies

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    Re: 64 note Polyphony???

    i have a different configuration but rather the same problem with gs 1.6: long notes stopping after few seconds when poliphony requirements exceed a minimum (well below 64 notes).
    did you solve the problem? how?


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    Re: 64 note Polyphony???

    It sounds like your GigaSampler is not properly configured or intitialized. If you hear a voice go from a high energy state to completely cut off - especially at only 16 voices, then there is something wrong with your setup. There are a number of things to look for, but the easiest thing to do in this case is to give our technical support a call and let us go through a series of questions. We need to know a little more about your system, the instruments you are playing, and the score you are using to driver the sampler. We also have a diagnositic utility to help sniff out any problems with the GigaSampler on your system.


    Joe (NemeSys)

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    Re: 64 note Polyphony???

    i live in italy so calling from here is not exactly cheap.

    could you send me the diagnostic utility anyway to giorgio.di.paolo@ac.com?

    tx giorgio di paolo

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    Re: 64 note Polyphony???


    I completely understand about expensive long distance calls. That is why we also have a tech support email - gssuport@nemesysmusic.com. It is serviced daily, so you should have no delays. Please just include your CD-Key number in the email.

    I am sorry that I can\'t just post the utility to this or our web site, but we need some way of filtering out the illegal requests for support. I hope this an acceptable means for getting the help you need.

    Joe (NemeSys)

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    Re: 64 note Polyphony???

    Is there a way to know just how much polyphony is being used at a given point?

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    Re: 64 note Polyphony???

    Do you have the DMA tab checked on your hard drive driver? It is in Control Panel / System / Device Manager / Disk Drives / (your hard disk) / Properties / Settings / DMA. Most systems default with this disabled. Not having it enabled really drops your performance.

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    Re: 64 note Polyphony???

    is this dma parameter relevant also when, as is in my case, i only have scsi hd drives?

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    Re: 64 note Polyphony???

    No it is not.

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    Re: 64 note Polyphony???

    What kind of polyphony does your configuration window report? Does it say 16 voices, or is the 16 voice polyphony something you\'ve observed?

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