Looking at the Nemesys giga supported sound card web page at their site, I see that relatively few soundcards support multiclient independant sampling rates. What does this mean for you the end user? It means that unless you run giga and your sequencer with two separate computers, with each of those computers with it\'s own separate sound card, then you are stuck running/recording into your sequencer at the same sampling rate as giga (44.1) when you are running both giga and sequencer together. Whats the point of this post? Please be aware of this severe limitation if you want to live record (say at 48k or 96k) and run giga at the same time (most samples in giga are 16 bit 44.1k sampling rate). An above example would be having a keyboard player and singer laying down tracks together. Of course you can record the giga midi track to wave (the keyboard part) by itself, but this again is an added step and kills the live recording feel / aspect with the performers. Am I not understanding the true limitations of getting any soundcard that does not have multiclient independant sampling rate? Chime into this topic if you have some experience with this subject as it seems that someone on this forum is always asking whats the best sound card to use. Maybe we ought to recomend the multiclient independant sampling feature to people if there is the chance that they will be recording live with two or more people using one computer? What do you think guys?