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Topic: Volume control problem?!

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    Volume control problem?!

    I am using EW RA, Collossus and Pro XP in Kontakt 2.12 as a standalone, being sequenced remotely on a Mac running Pro Tools LE.

    When I have the volume all the way up in Pro Tools using Pro XP, the volume also goes to it's highest position in Kontakt2.

    But no matter what I do in Collossus or RA, when I have the volume at it's highest in PT, it only goes to -6db. Way too soft.

    The only work around is to turn off "read" in PT, and then the slider in Kontakt2 will stay where I place it manually in Kontakt2, but this is a pain becuase I don't get any of the other system exlusive messages read.

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    Re: Volume control problem?!

    You can select the max. volume in K2 | Instrument Options | Controller.

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