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Topic: Networking?

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    I have just built my first Giga Studio system and need to add at least three further Giga dedicated PC\'s for sounds in order to produce fully orchestrated music for film and to be able to mix down to stereo or whatever, without any pre mixing or recording of audio. My stand alone system with, Dimm PC 133MHZ 512MB, ATI Rage Pro 16MB Graphics, IDE 20Gig HD, 30Gig HD, Intel P3 1GHZ processor, Dakota and Logic, works OK up to a point but runs out of steam at about CPU = 60% and Memory = 65% (Audio Engine can\'t process sounds fast enough)160 voices no problem.
    Will I have to have a sound card on all my additional PC\'s or by upgrading my \"master PC sound card (Dakota) can I stream audio via network off the other machines into my Dakota?

    Thank you

    Davi Balfe

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    Re: Networking?

    Just incase anyone is interested, the answer to the above is, no it is not possible to run multiple Gigastudios on a network without a sound card on each system.

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    Re: Networking?

    why don\'t you borrow/rent a creamware luna 2, slap it into that gs machine and then try again? Maybe those 3 floating point dsps help a bit. If you still need more power, you can add a creamware scope to that (card with 6 sharc dsps)? You\'d also be able to use 16 digital i/os via luna2+z-link expansion via toslink cables. A lot cheaper than getting 3 more machines.
    You should be able to do the heaviest stuff available with 2 machines, each running a luna2+zlink expansion+scope board each, use an external midi clock. If you work with cubase (not sure about nuendo) you can use a midex8 interfac on your sequencer machine and 4 port interfaces on your gs machine(s), you\'d have rock solid timining and one hell of a sampling park.


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    Re: Networking?

    Thank you Markus
    I am afraid you have lost me.
    Do you have the time to expand on your points? I need a system that will allow me to get rid of my Digital Hard Disc Recorder.
    Is it possible to increase and expand the power of GigaStudio without more Gigas and PC\'s

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