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Topic: GOS v2 ?

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    GOS v2 ?

    I´d like to know if there are possibly any plans to do "v2" of the GOS Strings, probably in 24 Bit. I still like the sound, but the library has aged a bit and lacks of programming, compared to the newer libraries like VSL and EWQLSO.
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    Re: GOS v2 ?

    Gary has said that a lot of GOS is going to be intregrated with GPO Advanced, which is possibly coming out later this year. There will be an upgrade for those who have GOS or GPO and I believe it will be in 24 bit. (If you do a word search on this forum for GPO Advanced or GPOA you'll find lots of information.)

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    Re: GOS v2 ?

    I have been receiving a number of requests for a seperate string library.

    Let me ask everyone...

    Would you like a seperate section strings library (which would most likely be sooner) or would you rather wait for a string library to be incorporated in GPO Advanced?

    Let me know you thoughts.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: GOS v2 ?

    While I would start drooling over an earlier separate strings library, IMHO, I wonder if that is in the best long-term interest. Depending on what you are planning in terms of size/features/price point/target market, it strikes me that waiting for the fully integrated GPOA might be the wisest solution, even if that requires us to purchase the Delayed Gratification V1.2 utility suite (as the company that markets this suite is on the verge of bankruptcy due to low sales, they could use some business ).

    Seriously, I would personally wish that you do what is best for you, long range, for your overall total product mix.

    However, issuing a new GPOA strings library first could be a very viable option...

    If you were to decide to release an earlier strings library, would it then be better to release the new GPOA by sections as they were finished (similar to VI) rather than as a full library? If you were to release an earlier strings library, it would likely require a change in marketing strategy. If you were to release GPOA by section, could doing so generate greater total sales, or would it be likely to adversely influence sales?

    Anyway, some thoughts for your consideration.


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    Re: GOS v2 ?

    I can say that the only thing I'm waiting for in GPOA is the additional string effects (col legno, harmonics, sul pont, etc...), so a stand-alone string library (as long as it was Finale-compatible) would suit me just fine.

    I was rather hoping that individual instruments/orchestral choirs (ummm, not as in vocal choirs... I mean as in the brass choir, the woodwinds, etc...) could be eventually released as stand-alones.

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    Re: GOS v2 ?

    I'm mostly waiting for the strings, so I'd love an early release if strings-only would do the trick. I'm also interested in the rest, but strings are most important to me.
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    Re: GOS v2 ?

    If you can do so in a fashion that works well for your company, it would be my preference that the strings be released seperately. Of course I realize this might cause pricing complications and upgrade headaches but based on your track record so far, I've yet to see you engage in any venture without taking the time to really develop it to its fullest potential. Thus, though I personally would LOVE to have the strings first, I also defer completely to your judgement on the issue as it has served this community, and the expansion of the market qutie well.

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    Re: GOS v2 ?

    Well, since the first GOS is no longer available, I would say that it would be a very good idea to go ahead and issue out GOS 2. The reason I say this is because once GPO Advanced comes out, you'll be able to integrate GOS 2 then, and people who just want the strings can get GOS 2 if they wish. Not to mention that releasing a library like this will shut skeptics up who are doubting that next-gen sample libraries aren't ever going to come out of Garritan Orchestral Libraries. Once people get a load of GOS 2 and how great it sounds, this will make people think, "Wow, if the STRINGS sound this good, just imagine what the rest of the orchestra would sound like!"

    I say go for it, it'll help things out in the long run plus raise up more excitement about GPOA.
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    Re: GOS v2 ?

    This might seem like a dumb idea, but if people want a separate string library why not ressurect GOS?

    There is the small detail that one needs to own GigaStudio, but how many folks here don't?

    An alternative, but it would still require an investment on the part of the customer, would be to port GOS, pretty much as it is, to Kontakt.

    I bought GOS at the end, and I am loving it, and regretting that I waited so long to buy it. But it is DEEP! I expect that as I become more comfortable with it I will use it more.

    If releasing a string section only library on a par with GOS but in a form factor like GPO would hamper current plans I'd vote against it. If if could be done without much impact then I'd do it. (FWIW, I probably would not invest, preferring to invest in the Solo Strad and Cello instruments, and banking some pennies towards GPO-A).


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    Re: GOS v2 ?


    if it is convincing, I'll buy another seperate string library.


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