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Topic: SBLive and Gigapiano?????????

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    SBLive and Gigapiano?????????

    Hi, Guys!

    Can anyone tell me if there are any know issues re: SBLive running Gigasampler, and whether or not the SBLive is suitable for use with Gigapiano? I got AMD K6-500 with 128MB RAM. I\'m worried about latency, in particular...

    Thanks muchly,

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    Re: SBLive and Gigapiano?????????

    I\'m using SBlive+APS drivers with Logic
    on a Duron 650@800mhz and it runs sweet!
    You might want to up your ram to 256mb min though (it\'s cheap,why not?)

    ps the APS drivers limit your soundfont bank
    to 32mb,but then again,is this not why you bought GIGA?

    Ill shut up now

    The Blob

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