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Topic: OT Music for websites

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    OT Music for websites

    I have the opportunity to compose some music for websites/flash animations and I was wondering what I should charge for it? what rates? and what about rights?

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    Re: OT Music for websites

    There are some excellent books by Jeffry P Fisher: How to make money scoring soundtracks and jingles and How to make money from your project studio. In them he suggests that you work backwards from what you want to make.

    How much do you want to make? How long will it take you to complete the project? Do these two figures calculate a reasonable wage?

    If you understand your work habits (how fast you can write music) then a good starting point is to ask what their budget is. (Quite often people looking for custom music won’t even have a budget for this expecting that music is free… music is NOT free. Music is a commodity that is bought and sold like orange juice, cotton, and pork bellies. You have a right to make money by selling this intellectual property. Don’t waste time on a free assignment.) Once you know what their budget is, how much you would like to make, and how fast you write, you can offer some consultative services.

    If they have a small budget and need many minutes of music, then suggest a solo instrument (i.e. Piano. You can write a full sounding score quickly this way) The larger their budget, the more you can do. Add more instruments, do more orchestration. Talk to them about the quality of your sounds and equipment. Offer them solutions to their needs.

    If they have a reasonable budget and only need a short amount of music, consider bringing in some live musicians with real instruments to play your tracks. (Just remember, YOU have to pay the musicians out of the fees you collect from your customers) It will improve the work and give you more credibility with your clients.

    Be creative with the deals you make. Offer a lower upfront cost for other consideration than your fees. If this is for a website, then part of the deal could be your logo with a link to your website where you could possibly sell more of your services.

    I do a lot of mastering and CD replication so I usually try to get the rights to the duplication. Every time they are out of the CDs they are selling, they have to buy more from me, usually at a cost of $3-$4 each. I also try to negotiate that I get to put my logo and contact information on the back of each CD and reduce their composition fees accordingly.

    Giving your customers a little sticker shock is a good idea as well. The current going rate for the rights to custom music (radio and TV jingles) is over $300/finished minute. ($3000/minute if they buy it outright) Sharing this with them might make most of the deals you could offer them very attractive.

    Good luck!
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    Re: OT Music for websites

    Thanks for the advices Scott.

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