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Topic: Machine Gun Effect (eliminating)

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    Machine Gun Effect (eliminating)

    Hello all,
    Would someone kindly point me to a tutorial on how to remove the 'machine gun effect' from rapid repeated notes using the VAR2/cc23 controller via a notation package. I saw a really good tutorial on alternating between two different player patches (http://www.garritan.com/tutorial/Mas...s.html#machine)
    while alternating notes but I am writing out a score for a small chamber ensemble and so the multiple staves are not desired. I am using windows Finale 2005 with a full version of the GPO. Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Re: Machine Gun Effect (eliminating)

    You can use the multiple stave solution if you set up a separate score for playback only.

    Otherwise, use Finale's midi tool to edit the var. 2 controller.

    There's no magic solution that will work perfectly, anything you do will require a workaround type solution.


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    Re: Machine Gun Effect (eliminating)

    Right on,
    Thanks for the reply and advice Jeff!

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