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Topic: Bouncing Ball (Childrens' Suite)

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    Bouncing Ball (Childrens' Suite)

    This is a thoroughly revivsed and shortened vesion of an earlier piece. The renovation was done because the earlier piece was too long and I wanted to include it in my Childrens' Suite. It was originally intended for something of the sort, and I just got around to it today while taking a break from a short string trio.

    Some of you may remember the game that I hope this music reminds you of. I don't know if kids still play it. I don't think so.

    Bouncing Ball

    GPO Steinway, naturally.


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    Re: Bouncing Ball (Childrens' Suite)

    Fine addition to the Childrens' Suite, I think, Richard...
    fits well with the other material I've heard from this.

    I think I know the game you mean (no, I doubt they
    play such games any longer); but for the life of me,
    I can't remember what we used to call it.


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    Re: Bouncing Ball (Childrens' Suite)


    It definately sounds like children at play and fits nicely into a suite such as you have created.



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    Re: Bouncing Ball (Childrens' Suite)

    Beautiful Richard! Someone who is a good illustator should make some illustrations to go with this suite, I wish I could draw the imagery in my head when i listen to these. Is the game called Jacks? I don't remember how to play it except for bouncing the ball and catching it, but i remember playing it when i was around five or six. I think we stopped playing it when we discovered marbles, but i would miss it sometimes.


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    Re: Bouncing Ball (Childrens' Suite)

    Very nice! I was originally scared off by the title, but I'm glad I came in for a listen. It has some of the sensibility of Satie's piano music, of which I'm a big fan. More modern, of course, but retains the lightness and play.
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