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Topic: SW1000xg hassle.......

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    SW1000xg hassle.......

    Hello there.

    the sound quality of .wav files I map across the keyboard is awful compared to the original source file.

    When gigasampler (1.6) configures itself it only recognises the input port as the sw1000xg and the output port as the crappy awe16-bit card i also have installed. any ideas to get access to other ports?

    Is this the problem? any help would be appreciated...

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    Re: SW1000xg hassle.......

    Hi Kingdog - How are you using the SW1000XG soundcard in your DAW? It\'s not GSIF nor even DirectX compatible (There is a beta DirectX driver available at the XGFactory website. I\'ve tried it and it still has issues).

    Steve Mitchell
    The Classical MIDI Resource
    The CMR Players

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