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Topic: Giga Studio + Cubase VST 5 + Event Gina

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    Giga Studio + Cubase VST 5 + Event Gina

    Hi everybody !
    I\' m a new member from Paris, France and I would like to buy Giga Studio for my new PC.
    All my configuration is under SCSI and I have a Pentium III 1 Ghz with 320 Mo.
    I have already Cubase VST 5 and Event Gina sound card.
    Is there any problems to run Giga Studio with this configuration ?
    My Gina is a \"Multi Client\" card but ........
    Thanks a lot for reply !
    Have a nice day
    Chouine from Paris

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    Re: Giga Studio + Cubase VST 5 + Event Gina

    Hi, in the latest GINA 24 driver read-me file it says that GigaStudio + Cubase + GINA 24 don\'t work together and they probably never will !! So even GINA 24 is multiclient you only can use this card with non ASIO - Apps simultanously with GigaStudio !

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    Re: Giga Studio + Cubase VST 5 + Event Gina

    Hi and thanks for your message !

    I don\' t have the Gina 24 but the Gina 20 and look at the message of version 5 drivers:

    Multi-client audio is probably the most-requested feature that we have seen. Basically, it lets you use different inputs and outputs on your card with different applications at the same time.

    For example, suppose you own both Cubase VST and Gigasampler 1.6. You can now set Cubase VST to play out through outputs 1 through 4, and set Gigasampler to play out through outputs 7 and 8. In previous drivers, you had to choose between one or the other

    Gigasampler and Cubase VST

    This is very similar to the directions for using Reality. Run the Setup MME program again. Set Gigasampler as an active output.

    Now, before you run Cubase VST, make sure you run Gigasampler first. Then, make sure that Gigasampler is not using outputs 1 and 2 of your card. Cubase will always try to use outputs 1 and 2; if someone else is using these two outputs already, Cubase will not be able to start the ASIO driver and you will get many error messages.

    Once you\'ve got Gigasampler running and set up properly, go ahead and run VST.

    If you want to use both Gigasampler and Reality, you\'d better have a really good computer. If you do, just make sure you start both of them before VST.

    So, the problem seems to be with Giga Sampler and his own driver.

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    Re: Giga Studio + Cubase VST 5 + Event Gina


    I have the same setup as you and also have had no success. Even after reading the 5.x driver info that is posted on the Echo site (and above). Seems like it should work, but doesn’t. I’ve tried numerous times to put GS on 3&4 and Gina on 1&2, but no luck. Multiclient??! Yeah, right. My only success is running GS through the SB Live card that is also installed on my system—I can then open up VST (running through Gina 1&2) from within GS and all works fine…but who the hell wants to use SB Live for such an high end sampling app?!!

    Let me know if you have any success on your end. Good luck—


    [This message has been edited by Jimmy (edited 04-16-2001).]

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    Re: Giga Studio + Cubase VST 5 + Event Gina

    Thank you so much for your message !
    I\' m going to buy a new audio card for Giga Studio.
    It seems that this two programs must have their own card for better and great compatibility.
    Have a nice day
    Chouine from Paris

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