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Topic: Audio Capture cutting off early

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    Audio Capture cutting off early

    I\'ve been working on a project for a pianist and run into a bit of a problem. When I try to do a synched audio capture, the tail end of the captured file is cut off early. It seems like there is a bit of a gating thing happening, but with the threshold set too high. Has anyone else run into this? It destroys an otherwise great feature.

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    Re: Audio Capture cutting off early

    You better chek if your seqenser stop atomaticly in the end off the song.
    The audio capture stop recording imidietly because it dosnt recive sync from the seqenser anymore
    So if you have sustained samples they cut off.
    If you cant dissable the auto stop in the seq you can record silence audio or midi in the end off the song and a few aseconds more(a trail…)And then the seqenser will stop a little after the end and the giga will record the sustained samples in the next run.
    If sombody from nemesys read this you are welcome to update the next version to record a few seconds after the sync stoped.

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    Re: Audio Capture cutting off early

    Thanks for your reply Eyal. In Cakewalk (which is the sequencer I\'m using, \"start\", \"stop\" and \"continue\" are all lumped together although you can disable the \"continue\". I have been working around this incompatibility by recording an extra midi event several bars after the normal end of my tunes. As you have suggested, a delayed stop on the audio capture utility would be a better solution. I would like to see a user enterable time for this function.

    By the way, how many other people use this function? I use it all the time myself, rendering tracks to audio then sending them to my two DSP factories. It gives me unlimited polyphony, more than 16 channels, and separate proccessing with effects, EQ, and limiters on everything. Makeing this feature easier to use would really make me happy.

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    Re: Audio Capture cutting off early

    Wow! That\'s the first time i saw something about this \"bug\". I like your sugestion!
    When i use audiocapture, i put the cakewalk in loop. For example, my sequence have ten bars, but i use 20 bars in a loop way. The effect is the same. Only one event will be enough!
    PS: I stop the sequence before the end!

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