Anyone out there using RME Hammerfall Light, Gigastudio 160 (with GSIF
drivers) and Logic Audio?

I was having a problem a while back with Logic sounding very distorted
using ASIO drivers. Note that Reaktor 2.3 sounded great on its own, but
the minute I tried to use as a VSTi, it sounded horrible (this was the
same no matter what VSTi I used, or Buffer Settings on th RME, etc)...

I decided to reinstall everything. Before I installed Gigastudio, Logic
sounded great, so I ghosted it. Then I started experimenting. I
discovered Once I set Gigastudio to use Hammerfall\'s GSIF drivers, the
problem started again. I didn\'t have to actually be running Gigastudio,
just set GS to use GSIF, quit and try to run Logic. Note, I\'m using
Gigastudio using my SBLive\'s DS drivers and everything is great. I spent
all weekend experimenting with this, and without exception Logic would
go to crap the minute I would use the GSIF drivers...

Anyone else experience this?

Bryce Fischer <>