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Topic: Plz Help!! SBlive! What's the LIMIT?

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    Plz Help!! SBlive! What\'s the LIMIT?

    I\'m about to make a dedicated GS Computer.
    Now the only concern about this Comp is Sound Card. I\'m really short of Budget.

    So, I\'m having thought about getting SBlive.
    I have tried Darla20 and SBlive before...
    But I really couldn\'t tell the difference between these two soundcard.
    Does anyone knows what the exact limits are from using SBlive! series?

    Do i get usually less polyphony or just latency problem?

    I\'m trying to run Gigastudio160 on this computer. PIII500 and 256MB Ram is for this Computer. I\'ll not use DSPstation on this one since it is not reaching the recommended specification for Gigastudio160.

    Do i stiil need a at least professional-like one like audiophile or Mia from Echo to get full 128 poyphony and not noticible latency?

    Or Do i need to upgrade my PC to get full 128polyphony with less latency or Do i just need a better sound card than SBlive?

    Once again I\'m looking for Soundcard for Dedicated computer, not using with Sequencing program.

    Does anyone knows what exact ms of latency i get from GSIF drivers and DirectSound?

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    Re: Plz Help!! SBlive! What\'s the LIMIT?


    First of all, as far as I know there is no GSIF driver for SBLive available. You will have to use DirectSound. I use GSt96 and I get about 80-voices polyphony but I think it is my computer who is limiting rather than the soundcard. The latency is very low, hardly noticeble.

    There are two main limits with the SBLive:
    1) the sound quality of analog i/o (although you could use the SPDIF-out, but this is, I think, set to 48 kHz)
    2) only one set of outputs is available for this card in GSt (since it does not have GSIF driver).


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