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Topic: won't share ASIO

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    won\'t share ASIO

    New here so hello to everyone.
    I would like to know why when I open Logic (that came with my Delta 1010) from gigastudio I get message ASIO Hardware is Malfunctioning. I will go into detal if needed but thought someone may easy answer and I must go to work.

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    Re: won\'t share ASIO

    It MIGHT be because Logic and Giga are both trying to get hold of the same audio channels on the Delta 1010.

    This was recently posted to the Yahoo giga users group by Kevin from Nemesys:

    Hello Mr. blabla,

    It appears that Logic and Gigastudio are both fighting over the sound card’s audio channels. This will happen even when Gigastudio isn\'t actually running.


    Gigastudio allows you to enable or disable each individual audio channel on the GSIF sound card.

    Logic allows you to specify the *maximum number* of channels you would like to enable on the card.

    So take the following steps:

    1) Run Gigastudio. On the setttings-> Hardware/Routing page disable all audio output channels. Then enable channels, for instance 15,16.

    2) While Gigastudio is running, start Logic Audio. You should have Logic configured as your preferred sequencer and launch it by
    clicking the sequencer button on the toolbar of the main GigaStudio interface.
    In the second Audio Drivers settings page, under ASIO choose \"Max I/O streams\" of 14, as long as this number is less than the channel numbers dedicated to GigaStudio, IN and 14
    OUT. Then enable ASIO and relaunch Logic.

    Assuming both programs exit correctly and save their settings, it should now be possible to start either program or both at the same time without crashes.


    * This assumes that the user wants to reserve 14 channels for Logic Audio and 2 channels for Giga. Of course you can change this. Just remember that Logic takes over a range of channels from 1 up to the max you specify. Logic ignores channels above this max. You can assign these extra channels to Giga or to another app.

    * Be sure to update to GigaStudio version 2.01.36 available from the Nemesys website at:

    Nemesys Music Technology

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    Re: won\'t share ASIO

    Thanks Chadwick, I think that is related to my problems and is info I’ll use but things stayed the same.
    I’ve been using Logic since I got the 1010 all was well and still is when I open it on it’s own. (except for some jitters and drop out which is another problem I think?) Know that I have gigastudio and try to use both programs at once the first one open wins. When I open Logic (or cubase doesn’t work ether) from Giga the message ASIO hardware malfunctioning , and I am unable to record audio . If I open Logic first it works, then Giga after that no sounds can be herd from gigastudio.
    I have a soundblaster live card in this computer with aps drivers and have suspected other problems because of that and I think I’ll get rid of aps drivers and go back to creative labs

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    Re: won\'t share ASIO

    Been there done that..
    I\'ve set up logic audio with the first 16 asio channels on a motu 2408/Logic..
    And the last 8 channels for the giga studio..
    Got the lastest update.. And ran okay for a while.. C:/ drive , D:/ata66 drive giga, E:/ drive logic audio.. The E is a scsi...
    Soooo close didn\'t crash for a while But if I played notes for the gigapiano I could hear the Audio for logic get warped..
    No conflics that I knew of, Fresh install of windoze 98se and me..2wice installed
    Played with all the optimizing things...
    Finally crashed the system with logic and Giga running and was able to shut down...
    But guess what...
    Giga defaults to output 1 and 2 when in it\'s diagnostic mode and then all.... Havoc takes place..
    I\'m building a 2nd system for giga...

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    Re: won\'t share ASIO

    I’ve been getting things somewhat figured out and I don’t think I have it so bad after reading Seclusion’s post, What I have found is I can get Cubase to work (record audio while using Gst) when I switch to multimedia ASIO driver. So my question is, what do I need to know about the different ASIO drivers?
    Should different drivers be used for each program and which driver is best for what. I haven’t had time to experiment with Logic but do prefer Logic if that would relate to any advice someone may have

    Thanks, Dos

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