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Topic: Giga + emagic LAP

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    Giga + emagic LAP

    Who\'s had good experiences running Gigastudio and emagic Logic Audio Platinum on the same system, and with what Audio/Midi interfaces have you been successful?


    Lennie Moore

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    Re: Giga + emagic LAP

    We have been running LAW Platinum 4.6.1 and 4.7.0 with GS160 2.01.36 for several months on the same machine. We are using the Frontier Design Dakota/Montana setup (32 audio i/o, 2 spdif). We hooked up the 8x8 Sierra MIDI interface (max of 128 MIDI channels in hardware) to the Dakota card and have never had any trouble. Current driver for the Frontier Design Dakota is v2.08 Also have 4 Tango24 AD/DA converters as part of the setup. We\'re happy campers.


    Hans & Rob
    Marpole Studios

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