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Topic: layout

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    Has anyone noticed that when you go to Layout
    and you try and delete the instruments you don\'t want before you save your performance...that the \"Unload\" button, and the others for that matter, indicate a shortcut. You know, they have the U underlined which i thought means that you can use the \"U\" letter on your keyboard to execute this function...But it doesnt work!

    None of them work! So why are they underlined or am i again missing the point.
    Man, i just wish they would implement the delete key or backspace key for these things.
    Would make it easier.

    Pityful post i know..but it gets annoying at times.



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    Re: layout

    I never found that shortcut too. Maybe it was not implemented after all?

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    Re: layout

    Underlined letters, in menus or buttons, are always use in conjuction with the alt key.

    The one on the GS main screen don\'t work. The one in the Layout window work fine.

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    Re: layout

    Thanks Bill!! I never knew that. I thought it was always a capital letter and so it was with the shift key.


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