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Topic: Delta 44 + Gigastudio + Cakewalk problem

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    Delta 44 + Gigastudio + Cakewalk problem

    I use Gigastudio (have tried Gigasampler as well) with Cakewalk and the Delta 44. Problem: Since installing the Gigastudio/Gigasampler, Cakewalk won\'t play audio tracks - they are silent.

    Anyone know the solution to this problem or what I\'m doing the wrong way? Anyone else familiar with the problem?

    I\'m very thankful for any contribution!



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    Re: Delta 44 + Gigastudio + Cakewalk problem

    You need to make sure you don\'t have the driver for the outputs you are using in GigaStudio enabled in Cakewalk. Check Audio setup | Drivers and deselect the outputs you are using in Giga. That should do it.

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    Re: Delta 44 + Gigastudio + Cakewalk problem

    I use the same setup as you. I send gigastudio samples played from cakewalk midi out 1&2 or the delta, and wave files from Cakewalk out 3&4. This solved the problem. In short, you can\'t use the same two outputs for Cakewalk waves and gigasamples, they\'re both greedy and want it all for themselves. Good luck. If you still can\'t get sound, write again and maybe I can help your configurations.

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    Re: Delta 44 + Gigastudio + Cakewalk problem

    your setup worked like a charm for me...I finally got the mididrivers and wavedrivers in CWPA9 to work together....

    How are you bouncing your Giga sequences to audio files.....??? when I route the output of the Delta 44 thru the Mackie mixer and back into CWPA9 to burn an audio file, I get a severe crackling and distortion...

    Simply recording an audio track alongside the Gigasequence alone gives me some pops and clicks...

    In the Delta Control Panel is it set to Monitor Mixer or Wave Out 1/2??

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